The popularity of geo-energy is increasing

In the energy sector, we continued operations to improve energy self-sufficiency and to increase the volume of low-emissions energy production. We continued research related to safe placement of nuclear power plants and spent nuclear fuel through an international research network and as power company assignments.

In terms of resource allocation, the main focus was still on peat resource mapping. The results will be published for the use of peat producers. Over 90 per cent of the production areas were originally inventoried by GTK. The mire natural state classification and method development for defining the natural mire pool boundaries progressed in accordance with the targets set by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. GTK imported mire-specific and regional data about industrially utilisable peat reserves, mire natural state classification and limitation related to mire use into the renewed online service.

The geo-energy survey conducted in Central Finland is an important part of the national evaluation of geothermal energy potential. It produced research data that helps promote the use of geo-energy and provides grounding for new energy policies. At approximately 200 million euros in 2015, investments in ground heat pumps were still significant in Finland.

Commissioned ground and rock heat surveys continued and, as a result of measurement and modelling, produced cost savings for hybrid solutions in during both construction and use.

The market shares of heating methods in new buildings, individual detached houses, preliminary data

Source: Statistics Finland

Finnish energy consumption in 2015, preliminary data

Source: Statistics Finland,