GTK looks to the future

In early 2015, we started a comprehensive renewal of our strategy and invited not only our personnel but also our customers, partners and interest groups to participate. The cooperation was inspiring and active and we received many valuable insights into our operations and on how to develop it. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this work for your valuable input. As the result of these discussions, we have published our new strategy and operating model.

GTK’s strategy defines the future goals and areas of focus for our work. Therefore, it is important that in addition to our personnel, we take our customers’ and interest groups’ needs into account. Hopes and expectations of the quality, impartiality and integrity of our work are high and varied. Good financial results create positive expectations also for the future.

Our main goal is to always create added value for our customers. Numerous companies and regions develop using the fruit of our labour – often as a result of long-term work that manifests as business policy footprint. This is exactly what creates great expectations also for the future. Our goal is to create comprehensive customer solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

As a part of our strategic development process we also defined four strategic themes: digitalisatio, cleantech, communities and mineral economics. Digitalisation is the area that interconnects all the other areas and provides numerous new opportunities. Its main purpose is the collection and management of geodata and development of new information service products. These help us build our customers success with new solutions and services. This way we can also create prerequisites for new investments and growth in different areas.

I want to thank our personnel for active and good cooperation in defining our strategy. People and their competence and skills are the most important asset of GTK. Increasing this intellectual capital and transferring it to new employees is an important part of development. We must build a solid foundation for this road.

With our new strategy, GTK is looking ahead on that road. We are at your service.

Mika Nykänen
Director General