Focus on long-term competence development

The key objectives for our personnel are based on our operating strategy and include maintenance and development of competence, controlled change of personnel structure and the development of a motivated work community. Our central objective is to have healthy, motivated and competent personnel, whose competence is aligned with our strategy.

We continued the development of our personnel’s competence in a determined way according to our strategic and professional competence development plan. Training was organised for project operations coaching and geo competence (GTK academy). Supervisor work and management skills were developed in many ways through the new supervisor forum, supervisor meetings and supervisor coaching groups.

We also developed top-notch know-how with our own programme, as we did in the previous year. The programme consisted of researcher exchange, international networking, increasing our intellectual capital, acquiring new information and seminars. We encouraged young researchers with doctoral degrees to develop their competence to meet international standards with a separate programme.

Staffing by level and gender 2015 (persons)

Personnel group women men total
Management 3 10 13
Supervisors 4 34 38
Researchers 78 134 212
Research assistants 46 99 145
Experts 12 13 25
Office staff 39 9 48
Field staff 0 39 39
Total 182 338 520

Breakdown by education 2015

Man-years per programme 2015

Personnel per region 2015