GTK’s new approach brings it closer to customers

In 2015, GTK renewed its strategy and operating model. The reasons for these changes included significant changes in GTK’s operating environment and the need to change GTK’s approach to more customer-oriented and solution-focused. With these changes, GTK will be better able to match the modern information and service needs of customers and society.

GTK’s strategy is based on strengthening four focus areas: mineral economics, cleantech, digitalisation and communities. These are the four areas to which we primarily allocate resources and in which we improve our expertise and competence.

Beginning on 1 January 2016, we serve our customers through national profit centres. GTK will continue to have a strong presence throughout Finland to serve customers.

However, GTK does not only operate in Finland. We will strengthen our international project operations to improve our ability to provide our services and add value to customers in Europe and other continents.

New frontiers of opportunity


  • The potential and systemic advantages of digital technology should be realised in all our processes to allow for innovative operating models, steady accumulation of data capital and solutions that adapt seamlessly to specific client needs.


  • We are well-positioned to advance processes and services that reduce waste, increase recyclability and protect our natural endowments.

Better built environments

  • We generate the geological information critical to urban development, land-use planning, construction, infrastructure and associated environmental issues.

Mineral economics

  • We play a key role in advancing mineral-based economies to secure greater diversity and sophistication of Finnish products and services.

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