GTK is known as an excellent research institute

GTK published its new strategy in 2015. We started the renewal process in 2014 by meeting with a wide variety of interest groups. We genuinely wanted to listen and get an image of what our customers and partners think about GTK’s role and what expectations they will have for our survey in the future. At the same time, we discussed GTK’s impact in society.

These meetings provided us with a lot of valuable feedback. GTK was considered a competent partner and an important actor, especially in the mineral sector, civil engineering, and in matters related to peat and geo-energy.

The benefits of geological information were acknowledged. Generally it was thought that collecting, refining and distributing diverse geological data for the benefit of society reduces costs of, for example, social planning and ore exploration. GTK is known for its extensive geological databases which both the public sector and companies utilise in their operations.

Our partners acknowledge the significance of geological raw materials for modern society, but we need to work on raising general awareness of the significance of GTK’s work. Open communication and participating in societal discussion strengthen GTK’s role as a national and international actor in the field of geology.

GTK does not compete with the private sector, but tries to connect to customer value chains as a producer and refiner of information instead. GTK participates in, for example, research networks, development of companies’ operating environments, improving the functionality of information infrastructures and promoting exports through its operations.

GTK’s influence as a survey is realised over a long time span and produces added value to our customers and the beneficiary’s value chain. Customer influence – whether the customer is the business or public sector – is an important indicator when we specify our development path for the future.

Tarmo Tuominen
Nordkalk Oy, Chief Supply Chain Officer
Chairman of the Board, GTK