Diverse geological information for the use of communities

In the report year, we carried out operations supporting community planning mainly with beneficiaries in jointly funded projects that focused on the rock material and water management needs of communities, as well as the prevention of damage to the water system. The main focus of the resource use was on the structural surveying of groundwater areas to support water management solutions, on a general survey of acidic sulphate soil that cause harm to waterways and on the development of information services. The development of an accounting service for aggregates progressed in cooperation with the environmental administration.

Material services related to foundation work (soil drilling information, background concentration information) increase efficiency significantly on the system level, and we evaluate that utilising existing geological competence and collected data can bring cost savings of tens of millions of euros annually.

The POSKI project carried out in Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia studied the integration of rock material supply and utilising groundwater resources. Strategically important development of cities’ geomodel that will open up new possibilities commenced after the CityGeoModel project received funding from the 6-aika programme.

Structural surveys of groundwater areas and acid sulphate soils were carried out as jointly funded projects. The general survey of acidic sulphate soils fell slightly behind from schedule of the water protection policy programme, but the survey of the catchment area of the Gulf of Bothnia will be completed in 2016.

Structural surveys of esker areas were carried out in a number of locations to support groundwater and rock material management. Groundwater surveys of esker areas were also carried out in accordance to the water protection policy programme.

Rock material use in Finland in 2014

79 million tonnes in total

Source: Finland’s environmental administration Notto information system and Infra ry