Artificial groundwater secures everyday life

When surface water does not provide enough high-quality water for household consumption, it is time turn old tricks into new ones. This is what happened in Turku, where the water pumped from the Aura river and purified could not provide enough water for the local residents any longer. When groundwater was not available, the locals started to produce it themselves.

“We have sped up the natural process of groundwater creation in a way that allows us to create artificial groundwater from pre-processed water within a few months. The water is pumped from the Kokemäenjoki river and absorbed into an esker,” says Aki Artimo, CEO, Turun Seudun Vesi Oy.

According to Artimo, the physical, chemical and biological properties of water that has flown within soil for the average of three months equal those of groundwater. Apart from pre-processing and final disinfection, no other chemical treatment is necessary.

Reserves that last thousands of years

Artificial groundwater produced by the company is used by 300,000 people in the Turku area. The total length of the water pipes from Huittinen to Parainen is 120 kilometres, which is significant by Finnish standards.

According to Artimo, during the few years the company has produced artificial groundwater, they have been able to improve water quality and increase the amounts produced. Operating costs, on the other hand, are decreasing.

We have been able to utilise the water isotope analyses carried out by GTK in planning our operations. This is a modern artificial groundwater recharge system in Finland. It is justified to say that GTK has participated in building a better future for our region.

Artificial groundwater produced in the Virttaankangas esker will be used in the Turku region for a long time yet.

The only component that can wear out is the calcium carbonate in the esker’s soil. It adjusts the pH of the water naturally. It will, however, last at least a few thousand years, Artimo explains.